Légère Reeds Tenor Saxophone American Cut

Tenor Saxophone American Cut

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The American Cut represents the next-generation of Légère saxophone reeds. From the first note, the reed speaks with total ease while giving players just the right amount of tonal edge. It is effortlessly free-blowing, colorful, and loaded with personality.

The American Cut’s distinct profile is what gives players a full, clear low register and vibrant altissimo.

Customer Reviews

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Sallie White (Birmingham, US)

Tenor Saxophone American Cut

Sue Hammerich (Hayward, US)
Dig it

These are fabulous. I am new to the sax and I count on these for their consistency

Von S. (Easton, US)
Légère is my saxophone reeds of choice.

I have always used the signature series, but I’m digging the sound and control I’m getting with the American cut. Thank you Légère reeds great job!

Rick M (Lake Milton, US)
American Cut Reeds

I bought both a tenor and alto sax American Cut reed and I have to say they are fabulous! The response is even better than the signature series reeds and the longevity of these reeds makes them well worth the price. I would recommend these over conventional reeds because you don’t take a chance on getting a bad one like you do with conventional reeds. And quite frankly, these reeds are better.

Patrice Bleau (Laval, CA)
Impressed by overall quality

After having read reviews on Légère Reeds, I decided to try both the Alto and the Tenor reeds. The quality of the sound is clean and consistant from the low tone to the highest note I can play on my saxophone.