Bass Saxophone Classic - Légère Reeds

Bass Saxophone Classic

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A durable and darker reed with fewer overtones than the Signature. A thicker tip and heart produces a purer tone with fewer complexities. The Classic for Saxophone is the recommended cut for marching band performers and those blending their sound with a large ensemble.

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Raymond Barnes (Schnecksville, US)
Truly excellent

I am using these Legere 2.00 strength Bass saxophone reeds on my Selmer Series II Bass saxophone. I am using the Selmer S80 C* bass mouthpiece and JLV ligature. Simply amazing, consistent and better than the cane reeds that I was able to find.

Eric Lumpkin (Cary, US)
Awesome reed!

I don’t have a bass mouthpiece yet, but even using this reed on a bari mouthpiece I can feel a difference in the response on my bass sax. I think the darker cut helps it on the lower end versus the signature bari reed I have. Highly recommended!

Hailie Brickey (Cookeville, US)

This is great, i absolutely love the tone the reed gives me, and projecting is so easy!!

Lawrence Leighton (Saint Albans, US)
Bass Sax Classic

After not finding suitable bass sax cane reeds, I discovered these. I had to round over the edges to fit my JodyJazz DV Bass with Power Ring (the Power Ring is made for bari reeds). Well worth the extra effort since they last a long time. Love the sound!

William Birtles (Andover, US)
Great!! dependable Reeds

Sorry for the delay in my response. I am using your #2 bass reed with RPC bass mouthpiece.The "Classic"reeds are incredibly dependable and sing brilliantly through my pre-war Conn. A terrific product. I'm glad to have found them.
They make playing a real pleasure. My Best!! Bill Birtles (Dixie Hot 4 Jazz Band)