Bb Soprano Clarinet European Cut - Légère Reeds

Bb Soprano Clarinet European Cut

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The most comfortable, stable, and articulate clarinet reed Légère produces. The European Cut for Bb Clarinet is wider than the Signature with a shorter vamp and a band of material down the spine. This reed is recommended for players of all levels though it is too wide for most German mouthpieces.

Customer Reviews

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J.W. (San Diego, US)

I'm happy with Legere reeds! They give a very nice sound, high durability, make reaching those high notes almost easy.
I'll continue buying this brand again. Great quality!

Kate S. (Bedford, CA)
Great sound and clear articulation

I usually play on Vandoren V12 or 56 Rue Lepic but I find myself using my Legere reeds almost exclusively. The tone is great and I find that my staccato notes are crisper and my articulation is clearer. Also, I find that my tone is well centered in all registers.

Leon Janikian (Watertown, US)
A Bit Surprised but Totally Convinced

Used my first Legere reed today. It was a European Cut #3. I have been using Vandoren V12 #3 for quite a while, and struggling with reeds that constantly "fight" me. I play in a challenging idiom, eastern European and Armenian music. Each performance is at least 4 hours of constant playing. Today I was outdoors, often a tough environment for reeds. The Legere played well without any reed preparation whatsoever...right out of the box. I did find that I had a bit of trouble tuning the throat notes, but that was quickly solved with a slight adjustment of the reed on the mouthpiece, slight issue solved. All through the day the Legere was simply great, it actually was a pleasure to play and never failed me. This reed may have changed my performance life. As a side note, my set-up is now all modern technology. A French clarinet made of a space age wood dust amalgam and my beautifully made synthetic reed from Legere. I highly recommend these reeds.
Leon Janikian

Laura Johnson (San Diego, US)
Great for marching season

Good sound. My daughter was very happy. This will definitely hold up better when marching.

A.H. (Eustis, US)
A Must Have

These reeds are simply the best. I can't imagine having to worry about humidity or worrying my reed isn't going to work. Who has the time to work on a reed when these literally are concert ready right out of the really cool case! It's 2022...these are the future.