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Bb Soprano Clarinet European Cut

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The most comfortable, stable, and articulate clarinet reed Légère produces. The European Cut for Bb Clarinet is wider than the Signature with a shorter vamp and a band of material down the spine. This reed is recommended for players of all levels though it is too wide for most German mouthpieces.

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Rockwell Lennon


Brian Lassiter
Ease to play, clear bright sound

I had used Legere Classic and Signature reeds for my work in pit orchestras, where my clarinet can sit for long periods of time, but otherwise used can reeds. I tried out the European Cut recently, and it's even easier to play than the Classic and Signature. The sound is a bit brighter than the Signature, and more focused than the Classic. I might use the European Cut for everything now and retire my cane reeds altogether.

Bb Clarinet European Cut

Very easy to play and sounds great! Wonderful customer service from Légère as well!

Nicholas Alvarez

Bb Soprano Clarinet European Cut

Daniela Hernandez

I just bought the Backun Vocalise CG mouthpiece, which is more open than my M13. I had to get a 3.5 and the combination of these two is phenomenal! I know my personal distinct feel and sound between cane and synthetic, and so the vocalise CG with the 3.5 European cut legere reed is the closest it has felt to the cane reed!