Légère Reeds Alto Saxophone American Cut

Alto Saxophone American Cut

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The American Cut represents the next-generation of Légère saxophone reeds. From the first note, the reed speaks with total ease while giving players just the right amount of tonal edge. It is effortlessly free-blowing, colorful, and loaded with personality.

The American Cut’s distinct profile is what gives players a full, clear low register and vibrant altissimo.

Customer Reviews

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martin frank (Glenside, US)
Legere alto sax review

Needing softer reeds becaause of decreasing lung function i found that cane reeds were rapidly becoming unplayable due to excessive softening . I am now using legere which was a significant improvement.There is a problem with their grading strength system which can be inaccurate:usually the reed may be harder than graded.

Alan Lowenthal (Johns Island, US)
American Cut Reeds

Love these reeds. Reliably good. Much more durable than I expected. Mine last 6-9 months.

Rick Justus (Loveland, US)

I really love legere on all my saxes. Just got some 1.5 American cut for alto. Easy to start easy to play no muss no fuss they always play the same dry moist cold hot. Great tone. Thanks legere

Jeremy Ball (Pensacola, US)
Beautiful tone, easy to play for new sax player

Being a new sax player of only about 6 months, I switched to Legere synthetic reeds after several months of cane reeds... I found that they made my alto sax much easier to play. I use the 1.75 size American Cut reed, and I find it gives the sax tone a pleasing sound that is colorful, yet extremely smooth. I have my Legere American Cut Alto reed on my desk at all times (since i'm prone to losing things!) .

Van F (Richmond, CA)
Great Reed

Sensitive and power. Don't need to worry about preping reeds anymore.