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Bassoon Reed

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The Légère Bassoon reed is the first synthetic double reed on par with a well-made cane reed. The reed is easy to play and comfortable in the embouchure. It has the consistency, durability and dependability that players demand, while maintaining the warmth and body of cane. It is recommended for Bassoon players of all experience levels.

Customer Reviews

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Austin M (Owensboro, US)
Synthetic Bassoon Reed

Great reed! Works well for what I need.

William Lehman Jr (Rock Hill, US)
Synthetic bassoon reed

Amazing technology. Reproduces the timbre of the double reed without the muss and fuss of what was previously a complex creative process, akin to creating flies for fly fishing. An art form to say the least, but not for the faint hearted or the uncommitted.

David Stewart (Tucson, US)
Just one drawback

Only drawback I've noticed is the synthetic reed doesn't secure to the bocal as well as the cane reed.

Jim Katz (Montreal, CA)
Bassoon Reed - a promising work in progress

The bottom line is that I have been using the Legere bassoon reed since it was first sold in 'beta testing' at McGill's bassoon day a few years back. I have had six of them. They are not great for me, but they are getting better every time. The big - the huge - advantage of the Legere reed is that if it works for you the first time, it will keep working exactly that way for a long time! The company talks about months. I am still using one I bought two years ago! BUT if it does not work for you the first time, it ain't getting better and it is expensive and it ain't returnable or subject to tryout. I am an amateur player and need a very soft reed. This is not one. None of these has been really easy for me to use, but all of them work pretty well. That is good enough for me. It means I always have a reed that is going to work to some degree.

Joseph Princena (Portland, US)
An ok reed

While the synthetic reed is consistent across different climates it's very bright in sound and the tip is sharp. It's difficult to play for an extended duration due to the scraping and damage it can do to your tongue. I recommend lightly sanding the tip before you play and using wire or something else by the throat of the reed to help it keep it's shape.