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Bassoon Reed

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The Légère Bassoon reed is the first synthetic double reed on par with a well-made cane reed. The reed is easy to play and comfortable in the embouchure. It has the consistency, durability and dependability that players demand, while maintaining the warmth and body of cane. It is recommended for Bassoon players of all experience levels.

Customer Reviews

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Janet Eary (Olympia, US)

Great reed! Very bright and plays easily

Austin M (Owensboro, US)
Synthetic Bassoon Reed

Great reed! Works well for what I need.

William Lehman Jr (Rock Hill, US)
Synthetic bassoon reed

Amazing technology. Reproduces the timbre of the double reed without the muss and fuss of what was previously a complex creative process, akin to creating flies for fly fishing. An art form to say the least, but not for the faint hearted or the uncommitted.

C Winfield Swarr (Sandwich, US)

Does not stay on boca well.

Wayne Miller (Ogden, US)
Band Bassoonist

I’m a long time Band Bassoonist (60+years). I’ve always made my own reeds. Quality is always a problem, since I make so few and make them so infrequently. I am looking for consistency with the Lehrer reed. So far it’s working. I did have to buy a diamond reamer and enlarge the butt end a lot to mount it on a Heckel bocal. And I still can’t play very soft. But I’m glad I made the purchase.