Légère Reeds Bass Clarinet European Cut

Bass Clarinet European Cut

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The most comfortable, stable, and articulate clarinet reed Légère produces. The European Cut for Bass Clarinet is wider than the Signatures with a shorter vamp and a band of material down the spine. The reed gives the player the control needed to stand out in a solo performance or blend into the ensemble.

Customer Reviews

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David Chen (New York, US)

Perfect without the hassle and inconsistency of cane reeds

Tyler Mazone (Bath, US)
Great reeds!

Been using them on and off for a year and a half now for bass clarinet- these reeds are great especially when you buy two or three and rotate them in and out. You'll get the best value that way.

Brian L. (Berkeley, US)
Ease to play, clear bright sound

I had been playing on Legere bass clarinet reeds for years. The European Cut is even easier to play than Classic or Signature, and the sound is nicely bright.

Laurel Meyers (Lisle, US)
Bass Clarinet European Cut Reed

I originally was given a 2.25 reed that a friend has purchased. I really liked the response of the reed in the lower tones but had trouble with the higher tones (which personnaly has always been a problem for me on my particular instrument). I decided to order the 2.5 and have really liked this reed. The response in all ranges is great. I have used Legere reeds for over 10 years and like this cut the best. I am a former flute/piccolo older adult player who started playing bass clarinet when my daughter stopped. I consider myself Jr High level at best :)

Michael Rieder (Boca Raton, US)
Bass Clarinet European Cut

I really like playing with this reed. All the notes were easy to play and my tone was really good. Thank you for making a quality reed.