Légère Reeds Bass Clarinet European Cut

Bass Clarinet European Cut

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The most comfortable, stable, and articulate clarinet reed Légère produces. The European Cut for Bass Clarinet is wider than the Signatures with a shorter vamp and a band of material down the spine. The reed gives the player the control needed to stand out in a solo performance or blend into the ensemble.

Customer Reviews

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Eric Gardner (Cayce, US)
Solid reed; sounds similar to cane

I really like this reed. Much better than the classic

Marty Magnini (Stone Mountain, US)
Best synthetic for bass clar

I was a semi professional bass clarinetist way back in the 70's-80's (subbed for some top tier orchestras and opera orchestras). I stopped playing bass a whkle ago, but kept playing Bb, and I use synthetic reeds on that. I recently bought a new bass clar, and I tested every synthetic reed I could find - Forestone, Alta, Legere, and can reeds as well. The Legere European cut was my favorite of the bunch. In second place was the Legere Signature. The others lagged far behind. The European is now my go-to reed.

Ash Beard (Leander, US)
Expensive but worth it!

I finally decided to buy a legere synthetic reed after many promptings from my other bass clarinet friend. I originally bought one off of Amazon and was not impressed but he told me it was because they just weren’t the same so I decided to order 2 off this website and I must say I am very impressed. They are holding up very well and are both good for marching and concert.

Sharon Atkinson (Winnipeg, CA)

Both the classic and European cut bass clarinet reeds are a joy to play. I play the European cut for clarinet and Eb, classic cut for bass clarinet, and studio cut for alto sax. Tripling is a pleasure with Légère reeds!

David Chen (New York, US)

Perfect without the hassle and inconsistency of cane reeds