Contrabass Clarinet Classic - Légère Reeds

Contrabass Clarinet Classic

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A thick reed most appropriate for a traditional or classical setup. The Classic for Clarinet has a thicker tip than other Légère clarinet reeds and is designed to produce a darker sound. This reed is recommended for beginners though it is appreciated by advanced players seeking a darker sound.

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David Chang (Kent, US)
Reed works great

Reed plays great right out the box

Shad Rajashekarappa (Dallas, US)

Great reed.

Jason (Dallas, US)
Indestructible (almost) Reeds

I currently play in 4 community ensembles; from a concert band to a church orchestra. I use Legere because they last longer, they are more dependable than the competition, and provide the rich dark sound I want from Matilda. my contra-alto clarinet. With a contra the amplitude of the reed's oscillations are MUCH larger than those of the smaller clarinets. Thus, I need a reed that will, well, take a licking and keep on ticking. That's the Legere for me! I use the 3.0 and each one is ready to go straight from the reed case. No break-in or "tuning" or nothing. Two new reeds, my first new reeds in 4 years, were delivered this past Saturday. Sunday morning I used one of them, for the first time, in church service. There was NO issue with the new reed. Once you switch to Legere and find the style and strength of reed you need, you won't go back to undependable cane reeds. Give them a try, if you get the wrong strength, they will even change strengths with you.

Glen Hall (Brampton, CA)
Makes Elsie SING!

After years of searching I got my paperclip LeBlanc Contrabass Clarinet. Great. But between playing and my other woodwinds, the reed kept drying out and warping. Légère to the rescue! Elsie now sounds great from the moment I play the first note. Great tone, strong articulation, and no more warping. Légère, you’ve got my unconditional approval.

Ethan King
Contrabass Clarinet reed

Very beautiful dark sound easy response and more even being a Junior in High School and played Maslanka Symphony No.4 last year as a sophomore I wish I had this reed it would of helped last that show.