Contrabass Clarinet Classic

Sopranino Saxophone Signature
Contrabass Clarinet Classic
Contrabass Clarinet Classic
Contrabass Clarinet Classic
Contrabass Clarinet Classic
Contrabass Clarinet Classic
Contrabass Clarinet Classic
Contrabass Clarinet Classic

Contrabass Clarinet Classic

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A thick reed most appropriate for a traditional or classical setup. The Classic for Clarinet has a thicker tip than other Légère clarinet reeds and is designed to produce a darker sound. This reed is recommended for beginners though it is appreciated by advanced players seeking a darker sound.

Customer Reviews

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Danyal Medley (Adrian, US)
Love Légère reeds!

I have them for my Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Contra Alto Clarinet. They play easy, are convenient to use (no dry reeds), and they last longer than the wooden reeds. My son also uses them.

Thanks for the thoughtful review! Glad you're enjoying your reed!

Mat Walerian
too soft

Dear Sir or Madam,

this is what I do :

I use Legere european cut on soprano clarinet and signature on bass clarinet.
I do not use Legere on alto sax, synthetic reeds does not work for me on alto (hope they will some day)
I just got myself contrabass clarinet and was told 2 strength would be suitable.
It is much too soft. Actually would need to go for 2.5 or 2.75 as this is actually contraalto (or contrabass in Eb, or the great bass - it has 3 different names)
Bottomline it is a baritone sax in clarinet skin - not too popular instrument.

I can tell soprano clarinet and bass clarinet Legere reeds both signature and european cut are supreme to other reeds - both natural and synthetic - simply, it makes no sense using other brand.
I just switched to them this year and they completely revolutionized my playing.

I'm not an endorser but recommend them to everyone - maybe I can be your endorser one day, don't know if you would be into avantgarde player to endorse your product but if yes then it would be fantastic.

For this moment I'm endorsing Yanagisawa saxophones and Eventide products.

If you would consider me being your endorser please let me know - my main thing is alto sax and bass clarinet + just applied contrabass and they say my soprano clarinet playing is decent too.

Just played the New York's Vision Festival with Matthew Shipp Quartet
Kind of big thing in New York.

My projects include:

Kind regards


Works great

S.R. (Plano, US)

Very nice reed, works well.

Thanks for the review!

Ash Beard (Leander, US)
They’re pretty great, I just need work on my playing

I recently started playing the contra. I’ve been playing the bass clarinet for about it 4 years now and the legere synthetic reefs are preceded significantly. That is, on the bass clarinet. It’s not that the reeds are bad, I’m just not a very skilled contra player and moving to synthetic, while overall is a cheaper plan, is harder to play. The reeds are great, I just wouldn’t recommend to someone who started recently z

Thank you for the thoughtful and detailed review, we appreciate your comments!