Légère  Reeds Baritone Saxophone American Cut

Baritone Sax American Cut

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The American Cut represents the next-generation of Légère saxophone reeds. From the first note, the reed speaks with total ease while giving players just the right amount of tonal edge. It is effortlessly free-blowing, colorful, and loaded with personality.

The American Cut’s distinct profile is what gives players a full, clear low register and vibrant altissimo.

Customer Reviews

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Gerald Felsky (Sarnia, CA)

These just work. No soaking, warping, fraying. Low tones are produced effortlessly. Initially a little more expensive than cane but will last longer and no bad ones in a box.

Steven Sauerwein (Dripping Springs, US)
Great reed

Bari reeds can be very unforgiving. It is so nice to just pick up your horn and play and not have to worry if your reed is going to work or not. The reed plays very even, up and down the horn, with very good intonation. I'm sold!

Jim Gailloreto (Chicago, US)
Love this cut

The Baritone Sax American Cut offers a robust to sound. This works especially well with my Berg Larson Mouthpiece, I’m currently playing the Motown musical ’Dream Girls’ and sound cuts through beautifully, especially on the low ‘A’s’. I’m using 2.25, that said I would like something slightly more firm but the 2.50 is way too hard. I wish there was something more gradually. Still it’s the most consistent and best sounding synthetic reed available.

Gary Mulcahey (Peterborough, CA)
I love these reeds

I have tried the different synthetic reeds out there and I was not all that excited about them. I gave Tenor Legere American Cut reeds a try and fell in love with them. I just purchased one for my baritone to give it a try and again it did not disappoint. I love that this outfit is Canadian. Good work folks!!

Caleb Rawlinson (Fitchburg, US)
Just a good reed

The Legere American Cut (baritone sax) is surprisingly easy to play at all dynamic levels. I got this reed for outdoor brass band gigs, but it is so good that I could see myself playing this in an indoor ensemble like a big band. This reed isn't just "good for synthetic reeds" its better than some (and more consistent than nearly all) cane reeds I've played on. Definitely worth the buy. I would find the strength equivalent to your preferred reed choice and then maybe go up a quarter size. It will be a little tougher play at first, but this reed does get slwoly softer over time (much slower than most cane reeds mind you).

If you have the money, I'd get a second one if you like the first so you can rotate between them. That should last you for months.