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Alto Saxophone Classic

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A durable and darker reed with fewer overtones than the Signature. A thicker tip and heart produces a purer tone with fewer complexities. The Classic for Saxophone is the recommended cut for marching band performers and those blending their sound with a large ensemble.

Customer Reviews

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Saulo Miraya (Miami, US)
Wonderful Sound

Ordered my classic reed after reading all the great reviews. Great response and playability over long periods of use. Thank you Legere for another great product!

Pierre Williot (Dallas, US)
Great reeds

I use Légère Reeds for my Saxophones Alto, Tenor, Baritone and Contra-Bass (Tubax in Eb). I love them. Very consistant with no obvious aging.

B.L. (Saint-Lambert, CA)
Makes practice easy

I bought a couple from you before and liked them so now I'm re-ordering.

Hayden Schmidt (Manhattan, US)
The Best Synthetic Reed

The Classic Reed from legere is perfect for marching band! It is by far my favorite of any synthetic reed I have tried. I have some more difficulty hitting the high f and f# with these reeds when compared to standard cane reeds, but that is the only noticeable difference to me. I would highly recommend.

marcia tonner (Weston, US)
Good sound@

Tried reed and found good sound!