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Tenor Saxophone Studio Cut

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The Studio cut reed, available for the Alto and Tenor Saxes, offers a warmer sound than that of our Classic cut reed and is designed for the jazz genre. It plays softer than other Légère reeds and is best suited for players in live environments.

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PATRICK FIEGE (Downers Grove, US)
Legere Synthetic Studio Reeds

Great reed, easy to play, no worries on keeping it wet when on stage. Love it.

John Andrulot (Santa Rosa Beach, US)
Studio Rocks

Very nice tone on my sax. A little stiffer than the stated strength for me. However will be playing it a lot.

paul drushler (Rochester, US)
Legere Tenor Saxophone Reeds ... My Future

I just now purchased my first Legere reed... a 2.50 Studio Cut. I was very surprised and pleased to instantly hear my Yamaha 875 Custom Silver saxophone produce the jazz tonal quality that I have been seeking for years. Hear a sample of my playing from a few years ago... search on you tube or google for: Paul Drew Drushler Body And Soul. I am looking forward to trying other 2.50 cuts.

Lawrence Richea (Regina, CA)
Tenor Sax Studio Cut

I've been a Classic Cut user for years and have been very satisfied with that product. Then I recently decided to try the Studio Cut Reeds. As the product description states, I immediately noticed the warm, rich and clear voicing of the Studio Cut. I should have made the change to Studio Cut years ago.

Karen Tallant (Seattle, US)
Happy Grandson

I bought this for my grandsons birthday and he was very pleased. He plays in jazz band at high school and has been very happy with the reed