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Alto Saxophone Signature
Alisa Jenkins (American Fork, US)
Excellent reed

The sound quality is great! The response is great especially for begginers because then they don't get so discouraged when trying out their instrument for the first time.

Eb Soprano Clarinet Classic
RPT Music (Park Rapids, US)
Repair tech

I use Legere reeds for all of my play test mouthpieces. I don't have to spend bench time soaking reeds to play test. Just grab and go.

Alto Saxophone Classic
Michel Dessureault (Montreal, CA)
Classic reed

I am very new to saxophone but I love those légère synthetic reed !!
Quality and come with a nice case

Tenor Saxophone Signature
David B. (Woodstock, US)
great sounding reed

Quick reaction from highs to lows. Better sound than previous reeds.

Bb Soprano Clarinet Signature
John L Gleazer (Sonoma, US)
Third reed confirms these are the way to go

No more fussing with cane reeds. I found the right strength and now I'm sold on these Legere reeds.

Bb Soprano Clarinet European Cut
Jiayu Chen (Clinton Township, US)

It is hard for me to go back to standard cane reeds after this.

Baritone Sax American Cut
Gerald Felsky (Sarnia, CA)

These just work. No soaking, warping, fraying. Low tones are produced effortlessly. Initially a little more expensive than cane but will last longer and no bad ones in a box.

Bb Soprano Clarinet Classic
Wynell Montgomery (Lancaster, US)
Classic Bb Clarinet Reed -

Great playing reed - as a doubler I really appreciate the consistency of this synthetic - I'm playing synthetic on almost all of my horns now - I'm enjoying my Legere experience the best!!

Bb Soprano Clarinet European Cut
Sofia Marzian (Marinette, US)
Wonderful tone

I am absolutely in love with this reed. In comparison to my previous wooden reeds, it excelled in all categories!

Alto Saxophone American Cut
martin frank (Glenside, US)
Legere alto sax review

Needing softer reeds becaause of decreasing lung function i found that cane reeds were rapidly becoming unplayable due to excessive softening . I am now using legere which was a significant improvement.There is a problem with their grading strength system which can be inaccurate:usually the reed may be harder than graded.

Bass Saxophone Classic
Mark W (Bloomington, US)
Great reed for bass sax

Previously I had been using baritone sax reeds on my Thomann (Jinbao) bass saxophone with a Selmer S80 C* bass mouthpiece, and that setup worked fairly well. I recently tried a Legere 2.00 strength bass saxophone reed and the instrument now has so much more soul and resonance, and the common difficulty getting middle D to speak was greatly reduced. Wow what a difference! This Legere bass saxophone reed is the only one I will use from now on!

Soprano Sax American Cut
John Clark Jr (Albany, US)
Soprano Reed

Very good Reed. Nice bright tone but still fat and round. Will drift into nasal quality tone if you’re not careful.

Bb Soprano Clarinet European Cut
Paula Falcone (Painesville, US)
Love my Legeres!

I love my Legere European cut reeds. I think I picked a harder size. There seems to be a lot of back pressure. I love the way it's ready to play. I put the air through, and it speaks. I don't have to wet it. As a matter of fact, it seems to get slippery when it gets wet. So, I am wipe it regularly.

Bb Soprano Clarinet European Cut
Ja Kaul (Plymouth, US)
So helpful

I ordered the wrong strength reed and the exchange was so quick and easy. Thank you.

Bb Soprano Clarinet European Cut
Lorraine Wistrom (Naples, US)
Stable reed

Just played on my 3.5 European cut clarinet reed. Had a very open sound and surprisingly good response with articulation. I still like a darker sound so plan on getting a 3.75 reed to compare the sound.

Bb Soprano Clarinet European Cut
Sharon Atkinson (Winnipeg, CA)

There is no going back after you try these reeds!

Tenor Saxophone Signature
Melody (Flint, US)
Great Improvements

The last time I purchased Légère reeds was 2019. They have lasted me until now, so I purchased new. Since my last purchase the sticker indicating the reed’s strength has been upgraded to printed right into the reed. Now I can keep track of them better since I won’t have to worry about the sticker falling off. They’ve also traded cardboard for a plastic case. Love that it is still recyclable. Clever design. You can expect me back in a few years from now.

Alto Saxophone Studio Cut
William Talbert (Columbia, US)
Great Playing Reed

The Studio Cut reed surprised me when I played it because it played freely similar to the American Cut.

Bb Soprano Clarinet European Cut
Anonymous (Allen, US)
These reeds sound just as good after hours of playing

Unlike my cane reeds, which often degrade after one long practice session, my Legere reeds stay sounding just as vibrant and clear as before. This consistency is really great because it lets my focus more on practicing instead of spending time breaking in reeds that usually don't last long.

Contrabass Clarinet Classic
David Chang (Kent, US)
Reed works great

Reed plays great right out the box

Alto Saxophone American Cut
Alan Lowenthal (Johns Island, US)
American Cut Reeds

Love these reeds. Reliably good. Much more durable than I expected. Mine last 6-9 months.

Alto Saxophone Signature
Dennis Kwok (Iowa City, US)
Amazing Reeds!

They are easy to play and consistent. They respond much better than cane reeds in lower register. In terms of volume and resonance, I do think cane reeds generate a bigger and more resonant sound with solid core. It might be more challenging to cut through if you are performing as a soloist in front of full orchestra or band.

Bb Soprano Clarinet European Cut
Charles McKenzie (Prince Albert, CA)
Review to come

Reeds not here yet.
Words from Canada post tracking say:

Jan. 18 7:24 am
Item on hold at a secure facility; contact Customer Service
Scarborough, ON

Dec. 28, 2022 2:57 pm
Item picked up by Canada Post
Barrie, ON

I will continue to wait..

Bass Clarinet Signature
Adam Mitchell (Salt Lake City, US)
Great Reed

I love these reeds. They take away any problems cane reeds can produce.

Baritone Sax Signature
Michelle Cline (Grimsby, CA)
I Love my Legere Baritone and alto saxophone reeds.

I could not be more pleased with my Legere reeds. They consistently produce the rich sound that I am looking for. Thank you Legere!