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Bb Soprano Clarinet Signature
David Bechtel (Grand Blanc, US)
Great for long rehearsals

Great for long 2-4 hour rehearsals. Because you never have to re-wet the reed. Pick up and play. Always consistent.

Baritone Saxophone American Cut
Gerard Weber (Saskatoon, CA)
Great, reliable option for jazz bari sax playing

While I use an American Cut 2.5 for my alto, I found the 2.5 to be a little softer than I prefer for the identical setup for my bari sax (JodyJazz hard rubber, 6). As always, Légère's strength exchange program is superb, and the 2.75 reed is right where I need it to be. Thanks for a spectacular product!

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Baritone Saxophone American Cut
CC Byrne (State College, US)
American vs Signature depends on mouthpiece for me

I have seen people say good things about whichever is their favorite, and bad things about whichever is not their favorite, but everyone has a different favorite. It's important to remember that the whole combination of player-horn-mouthpiece-reed is what really goes together to make the music - there is no one-size-fits-all "best reed". I buy both American cut and Signature because I use them with different mouthpieces (SYOS and Berg Larsen, respectively) and even that could vary based on room acoustics from gig to gig. I applaud Legere for producing the variety that lets artists have more choices to fine tune our sounds. I started trying synthetic reeds 20 years ago and since then Legere has dramatically advanced the state of the art! Thank you, Legere!

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Baritone Saxophone Signature
CC Byrne (State College, US)
Works better than cane on some mouthpieces

I have tried every brand of cane reed and Legere synthetic outperforms them all on baritone. The Legere is solid and nimble all at once - few cane reeds ever achieve this and when they do it is fleeting even for the best reed in a box. With a Legere I get a sound very similar to VanDoren JaZZ but better, easier to control, and way more predictable and durable! I use the signature series with my Berg Larsen mouthpiece and the American Cut with my SYOS mouthpiece - I have no explanation for that - it's just what sounds best. I recommend people experiment with reeds as much as with mouthpieces and don't be a "purest" - if synthetic sounds better, then play it!

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Bass Clarinet European Cut
jon Ulanet (Philadelphia, US)
Base Clarinet European Cut

F.ull bodied tone especially in the lower .

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Alto Saxophone Signature
Ken Knox (York, US)
Love love love

I’ve tried the Bari brand in the past and it was good, but Legere, speaks so well for me. I’m hooked what can I say!
Ken Knox, Saxophonist for Chairmen Of The Board Group

Glad you like the reeds!

Soprano Saxophone Signature
Anonymous (Milwaukee, US)

Great reed, always a please to play with Legere, I use them for everything (clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax, soprano sax, etc)

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Bb Soprano Clarinet Signature
Camellia L (Elkton, US)

Bb Soprano Clarinet Signature

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Tenor Saxophone Signature
Steve Carmichael (Reston, US)
Perfect, every time

No matter which Legere reed i put on my mouthpiece, it is perfect every time with great consistancy

Glad you like them, enjoy!

Tenor Saxophone American Cut
Jason Weitzel (East Aurora, US)
Plays great

Bright and responsive. I bought another version years ago and it was fantastic. Then I bought a replacement and it was a dud. Decided to try one again after several years of cane reeds and this one is spot on. I also ordered an additional reed up a quarter strength to test out as the 3 was just a touch too soft. But the strength comparison chart does seem accurate.

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Baritone Saxophone Signature
Carey Johnston (Arlington, US)
Whisper Quiet Low Notes

Easy to roll out quiet low notes on my Mark VI bari s Legere 2.0 Signature reed.

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Tenor Saxophone Signature
Kenneth Cooper (Bullhead City, US)
Long lasting

I like that Legere reeds last a long time with the same performance values.

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Tenor Saxophone Signature
Kerry Vesper (Phoenix, US)
Can't beat the convenience

As a doubler I use Legere reeds on my clarinet, bass clarinet and all four saxes. Once I have the right reed for each instrument, I can pick up the horn and know it going to play, whether in my practice room or on a gig. I get in more practice time not having spend time finding cane reeds that play, breaking them in and having to adjust them. The convenience of not having to take the reed off the mouthpiece and moisten it again if it has not been played for awhile, is wonderful on a gig and a time saver in the practice room.

Glad you're enjoying the reeds for your doubling needs!

Bb Soprano Clarinet European Cut
Robert Dembo (Chatham, US)
Still the standard

Legere has managed to engineer the ultimate time saver: a reed that frees up scores of hours normally taking up by cutting/shaving/cursing/balancing/sanding traditional reeds. All the Legeres are better than most cane reeds out of the box and a Legere that matches your set-up can last for months.

It’s really quite amazing. The Legere is capable of smooth silky legato and doesn’t fail in the upper register. To be clear, not every Legere is the "perfect" reed. Some are "better" than others. And when you find "the one" it won't get water-logged, or chip, or warp...

Tenor Saxophone Signature
Marielle Bisnaire (Windsor, CA)

I put my new 2.25 Signature reed on my tenor thinking it was going to give me some trouble like some cane reeds do. Boy was I wrong!!! I got such a sweet sound right out of the box. I am overjoyed with how fantastic this reed plays and I am looking forward to how consistent it is going to be compared to conventional reeds. Thank you so much to the Légère company for creating such an excellent product.

Thanks for the kind and detailed review

Baritone Saxophone American Cut
Enzo Vandekrol (Camas, US)
Baritone Saxophone Legere Reed Review

Reed is responsive and effective. Plays well and tone is great, I will certainly be buying more for other saxophones.

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Love the American cut saxophone reeds. Excellent response and flexibility for playing all kinds of jazz. I especially like having the confidence that I will have a great reed from day to day.

Glad you're enjoying the reeds!

Baritone Saxophone Signature
Aaron N. (Clemmons, US)
Pretty good

This is my second Legere reed that I have bought, the first one being an American Cut. I would recommend the American Cut over the Signature solely based off of responsiveness, there's not big difference in sound between the two but I like the American Cut more. The Signature reed isn't a bad reed though and you won't be disappointed with it.

Thank you for the review, and for sharing your feedback.

Soprano Saxophone Classic
Sharon Atkinson (Winnipeg, CA)
Soprano sax reeds

Whether I'm playing symphonic music or tripling in a pit orchestra, I can rely on these reeds for all occasions.

Thanks for the review, glad you're enjoying them!

Bb Soprano Clarinet European Cut
John K. (Youngtown, US)
European Cut is the way to go!

This was my first try with a synthetic reed and I must say, I'm very much astonished! The clarity and playability of these reeds really does approach that of a cane reed. The best thing is that a single reed has lasted me a good five months, before finally giving out. I'm now a staunch believer. Thanks Legere!

Thanks for the detailed and kind review!

Alto Saxophone American Cut
J Johnson - jjSax (League City, US)
I absolutely love these reeds

1. I love them because you don’t have to do a long warm up before a gig.
2. They last longer than a box of cane reeds.
Those that have been playing for decades will have to get use to the change in tone. I wasn’t a fan at first but I stayed with them and after about 10 hours or so the reed response changed. I recorded myself and was pleased with the new tone.

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European Scrape Oboe Reed
Daniel Laria (Newton, US)
Oboe reeds

High quality reeds. Good pitch and control. Recomendable. TL

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Baritone Saxophone Signature
Wynn Dixon (Chesapeake, US)

Fabulous reed! It fits perfectly the characteristics in the company’s description: responsiveness, bright/dark, etc. it is the first time in all the years of my playing that I can be heard effortlessly. Thank you!1

Thanks for the review, glad the description was able to help in your choice!

Bassoon Reed
Brennan Hites (Glenpool, US)
Incredible reed!

Amazing reed! Works perfectly for my needs.

Baritone Saxophone American Cut
B.H. (Glenpool, US)
Great reed!

With this reed, my bari sax plays so much more easily. It always strikes an amazing tone. The highs and lows play equally well. I've switched my reed selection to the American Cut for good.