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Legere European Cut Eb soprano clarinet reed

This Legere reed plays very well on a Richard Hawkins Zinner blank mouthpiece,
seemingly even better than my older reeds of the same type. I am playing it this coming week in concert at Eastman School.

Never going back to cane reeds

Love the playability and stability of my new Reed. Never going back to a cane reed


Great reed!

I’ve just started using my first legere reed — and I’m ordering another one. Love not having to fuss with my reeds.

Really great reeds

A reed you can trust…

These reeds provide consistency throughout the register…

Bass Clarinet European Cut Reed

I originally was given a 2.25 reed that a friend has purchased. I really liked the response of the reed in the lower tones but had trouble with the higher tones (which personnaly has always been a problem for me on my particular instrument). I decided to order the 2.5 and have really liked this reed. The response in all ranges is great. I have used Legere reeds for over 10 years and like this cut the best. I am a former flute/piccolo older adult player who started playing bass clarinet when my daughter stopped. I consider myself Jr High level at best :)

Nice reed

Exactly what I have come to expect from Legere reeds; a reed that works and sounds great STRAIGHT from the box. I will certainly purchase again, if it is needed.

Tenor Saxophone American Cut
Richard Trepanier
Drôlement impressionné

Le produit s’est grandement améliorer !
WoW !

Ease to play, clear bright sound

I had used Legere Classic and Signature reeds for my work in pit orchestras, where my clarinet can sit for long periods of time, but otherwise used can reeds. I tried out the European Cut recently, and it's even easier to play than the Classic and Signature. The sound is a bit brighter than the Signature, and more focused than the Classic. I might use the European Cut for everything now and retire my cane reeds altogether.

Bb Clarinet European Cut

Very easy to play and sounds great! Wonderful customer service from Légère as well!

Bb Soprano Clarinet European Cut

great on bass clarinet

These Tenor Sax American Cut reeds work great on my Bass Clarinet with consistently good response and tone quality.

Love the reed. It makes playing easier.

They work perfectly.

They got to me in fine shape, and they are exactly what I expected and wanted.

American Cut Alto Reed

Consistent. Feels the way my cane reeds used to feel (and I never thought I’d be able to say that about a synthetic reed). From lows through altissimo and from piano to fortissimo, these reeds play the way I feel a reed should play. I am definitely a convert to Légère American Cut Saxophone reeds.




I just bought the Backun Vocalise CG mouthpiece, which is more open than my M13. I had to get a 3.5 and the combination of these two is phenomenal! I know my personal distinct feel and sound between cane and synthetic, and so the vocalise CG with the 3.5 European cut legere reed is the closest it has felt to the cane reed!


This is the second time I’ve ordered reeds from Legere and have never been disappointed. There’s slightly variability in each reed, but it’s nice to have options. For example, I use my slightly mellower reed for ensemble performances and my brighter, more projecting reed in my solo work.

Lower register is fuller and easier to play. Upper register is more brilliant.

Great Reeds

Super responsive reeds

My choice of Legere reeds

I have tried the 2.0 Classic, Signature, and American cuts. My current favorite is the Signature cut, because I prefer a very mellow tone. But the American cut is just slightly brighter with a slightly sharper attack, and makes the high notes easier to play. I like both better than the Classic Cut, which seems a little stiff. I use a large chamber Otto Link Tone Edge 7* with a Rovner Dark Ligature.

I've given up my cane reeds because of how the Signature reed consistently performs every time.

Awesome reed!

I don’t have a bass mouthpiece yet, but even using this reed on a bari mouthpiece I can feel a difference in the response on my bass sax. I think the darker cut helps it on the lower end versus the signature bari reed I have. Highly recommended!

Incredible Response!

I absolutely love how responsive this Reed is! Once you have the right strength, you know that it will be reliable!