Baritone Sax Signature - Légère Reeds

Baritone Sax Signature

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A bright and stable reed colored with a full spectrum of overtones. The reed is very responsive and articulate due to its relative thinness versus the Classic. The Signature for Saxophone is the recommended cut for players in solo, classical, or jazz studio settings.

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Rece Graham
They sound good and last a while

I don’t really have much else to say but the title. I’ve been playing on some sort of Légère reed for almost half a year now and I’ve only bought two and I still sound decent (but that’s not the reed’s fault) so I can’t really complain at all and would recommend anyone get one

Nice reed

Exactly what I have come to expect from Legere reeds; a reed that works and sounds great STRAIGHT from the box. I will certainly purchase again, if it is needed.

James Kalyn
Bari signature is great!

I have been playing on a bari sax Signature reed for two weeks now, and just played a rehearsal on it (classical). It is amazing. Great response in all registers, very good sound, and even tuning. Couldn’t be happier.

William Thompson

Baritone Sax Signature

Clint Kubala
Légère Signature Bari Sax 3.00

After spending roughly $200 in the first semester of my masters program and having serious consistency issues with specifically bari reeds I borrowed a friends signatures to play test in wind ensemble. They play without issue every time. This is the closest synthetic to came reeds that I have played on and honestly if it weren’t for the different appearance or texture of the vamp I would have a hard time recognizing it is.

I decided on the 3.00 after trying the 3.5, and finding it a bit too thick. I usually play from 3-4 in traditional Vandoren reeds depending on my mouthpiece (Selmer C* or Selmer C* Soloist Long).