Légère  Reeds Baritone Saxophone American Cut

Baritone Sax American Cut

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The American Cut represents the next-generation of Légère saxophone reeds. From the first note, the reed speaks with total ease while giving players just the right amount of tonal edge. It is effortlessly free-blowing, colorful, and loaded with personality.

The American Cut’s distinct profile is what gives players a full, clear low register and vibrant altissimo.

Customer Reviews

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Great reed!

I’ve just started using my first legere reed — and I’m ordering another one. Love not having to fuss with my reeds.

François Lane
My best reed ever

Wow, this thing just works... and works well. Not having to worry about the reed response has made me a more focused and nuanced player.

Canon Crawford

Smooth playing instead of issues with cane. thanks

Robert Alfaro
Goldilocks reed

The Legere American Cut for baritone saxophone has just the right amount of sizzle and pop for my somewhat aggressive setup. But if I back off, it'll let me be dark and smokey. And that's across the full range, too!

Joel Sheetz
Legere American Cut Reeds - A Cut Above Cane Reeds

I have been playing woodwinds (clarinet and saxophones) since the early 60’s. I was reluctant to change from cane to synthetic based on my early experience with plastic coated reeds. The salesperson at the music store I deal with recommended I try a Legere reed for my tenor sax. In a one-for-one strength swap I found I could barely make it vibrate, I contacted Legere directly and they let me swap for a lower strength. It was night and day difference. I am very happy with the sound, responce and endurance. I have picked up Legere reeds for all of my horns (baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano sax, as well as clarinet. These reeeds are more expensive but well worth the difference to get the sound and control I want.