Tenor Saxophone Signature - Légère Reeds

Tenor Saxophone Signature

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A bright and stable reed colored with a full spectrum of overtones. The reed is very responsive and articulate due to its relative thinness versus the Classic. The Signature for Saxophone is the recommended cut for players in solo, classical, or jazz studio settings.

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Abel Fierro
Signature Tenor Sax Reed

Size 2 reed works great for my Otto Link Super Tone metal mouthpiece (sz 6) and Rovner Versa X ligature.

I also use the Signature baritone sax reed on that same tenor mouthpiece setup.


Bob in CLE
After trying Legere, I'll never go back to cane

This is one of those occasions when new technology is simply better. I’m now using Legere reeds on all my horns. When playing in the middle ranges of the horn, the reed performs just like the best cane reed I’ve ever fussed over. At the low end of the horn, there’s no comparison. Low C’s and B’s come out easy and immediately - which never happens with cane. And the high register is just easier all the way around.
There’s no more soaking or shaping or burnishing. You don’t even have to wet the reed; just slap it on the mouthpiece, tighten the ligature and blow. Legere has changed the whole feel of playing - for the better. I’ve only tried the Signature model so far and get everything out of I could hope for.

Rick Justus
Signature #2 legere

Very easy to play great tones. Real easy to care for. No soak &really tough and reliable. The only reeds I play thanks Legere!!!

Aydin Kendrick Thompson McGuire


Jackson Streit
Signature 2.75

Great tone and extremely consistent.