Baritone Saxophone Signature

SKU: BSG2.00
Sopranino Saxophone Signature
Baritone Saxophone Signature
Baritone Saxophone Signature
Baritone Saxophone Signature
Baritone Saxophone Signature
Baritone Saxophone Signature
Baritone Saxophone Signature
Baritone Saxophone Signature

Baritone Saxophone Signature

SKU: BSG2.00
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A bright and stable reed colored with a full spectrum of overtones. The reed is very responsive and articulate due to its relative thinness versus the Classic. The Signature for Saxophone is the recommended cut for players in solo, classical, or jazz studio settings.

Customer Reviews

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Bernard Gagnon (Wetaskiwin, CA)
Bari Sax Signature Reed

I use Legere Signature reeds for all my saxes as I find them to have the proper combination of easy blowing with full overtones. Never disappointed with them.

Glad to hear you're enjoying the reed!

Tom MacPherson (Newmarket, CA)
Welcome to the new world

After taking a few decades off, I am back to playing my baritone sax. A few things have changed. The biggest one is the Legere reeds. They are a great upgrade from the old cane days. Every one is perfect right out of the box; sounds great, easy to play, consistent and long lasting too. No more sifting through a box of cane reeds, finding the few that sound great, and trying to fix or discarding the rest. I would never go back to cane.

Thank you for the comments, we appreciate your feedback.

Anonymous (De Pere, US)
All around great reed

This is my first time using a plastic reed, and I like it. This reed has a lot more bite to it than a wooden reed, which I like. It provides a sharper sound and more consistent attacks than the wooden reeds I usually use. It has less delay, and I appreciate being able to go down a quarter size. I do somehow miss the taste of wood, but I can't really hold that against the reed.

Thank you for the thoughtful and detailed review, we appreciate your comments!

Monica R (San Rafael, US)
Awesome as always

Big sound that I can count on

Thanks for the kind review!

Parker Head (Albuquerque, US)
Certified Bari Legeri Simp

I live in Albuquerque, NM, and anyone who has played bari sax at high elevation should know that cane reeds are pretty much entirely out of the question, thanks to how quickly they dry out up here–especially in the desert state of New Mexico!

I've been on Legere Signatures for bari for the better part of two years, and I love them. I recently moved up from 3.0 to 3.25 now that I've actually had some capital-P Practice time on bari sax, and that extra quarter strength is a game changer. Not only do I love how I sound, I love how it feels to play. "Perfect" is a pretty extreme word, but the response and resistance I get from these is dang near close.

Thank you for the thoughtful and detailed review!