European Scrape Oboe Reed

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The Légère Oboe reed is the first synthetic orchestral-grade oboe reed ever produced. It can be played for hours before needing rotation and can last up to six to twelve months. It is warm, stable to upper registers, playable out of the box, and will never respond to climate conditions. It is recommended for Oboe players of all experience levels.

Customer Reviews

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Lois Tallas
Oboe reed

This is my first time playing on your oboe reed. It really is incredible! It plays in tune and hits all the notes. The medium soft reed is a little hard to play but I may just need to break it in. Otherwise, it is great and I will be using it when practicing and maybe one day with rehearsals and maybe one day for a concert. Thank you for designing these reeds- remarkable!!

Al Farmer
Reliable and long lasting

Medium soft oboe reed lasts a long time. Probably outlasts 5 cane reeds. It is ready to play almost instantly. The tone is not too bright, medium dark. Pitch is reliable, once you get used to it. You can get decent dynamic range. Even low notes can be played softly. Is it the best reed I ever played? Probably not. Is it the most reliable, longest lasting reed I ever played? Definitely yes! Now, all I need is a English horn reed! It was "coming soon" in 2014. PLEASE soon!

Ty Clewes
Quality Reed

This synthetic oboe reed has been impressively reliable, durable, and responsive.

Roma Blanchet
Excellent reed!

I was thrilled to find such a responsive, dependable reed that I can use for practice as well as for rehearsals where I may not be able to easily soak my reed. We play in a church that doesn’t allow beverages as they are afraid spilled water will damage the floor. This reed is perfect. It is not a compromise.
Now, if I can only persuade Légère to make reeds for my baroque oboe, too...

John Sayles
Great oboe reed!

Very happy with the new oboe reed. I’m an intermediate player in community groups and it is great!