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Alto Saxophone Studio Cut

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The Studio cut reed, available for the Alto and Tenor Saxes, offers a warmer sound than that of our Classic reed and is designed for the jazz genre. It plays softer than other Légère reeds and is best suited for players in live environments.

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William Talbert (Columbia, US)
Great Playing Reed

The Studio Cut reed surprised me when I played it because it played freely similar to the American Cut.

David Dignam (Los Osos, US)
These reeds made me a believer in synthetic reeds

I am still a fairly new alto sax player and had only used cane reeds. After constantly having to replace them I tried the Legere Studio Cut reeds. The amazing thing about the reeds is they sound as good and consistent after playing them everyday for 10 days as they did the first day. A cane reed would never hold up to that many days of continuous use. Highly recommended.

Cruz Ramirez (Clovis, US)


Victor Barbieri (Corte Madera, US)
Easy blowing, great sound and convenience.

The older I get the more I appreciate the great selection of reed strengths available with the Studio cut reed. I'm presently using a 1.5 strength and find it easy to blow and play the full range with solid consistent sound.

David Alba (Salina, US)
I love this one!

I love this one it has a nice sound and it last a very long time and I just really enjoyed it and all and all it is a really good reed to use.