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Alto Saxophone Studio Cut

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The Studio cut reed, available for the Alto and Tenor Saxes, offers a warmer sound than that of our Classic reed and is designed for the jazz genre. It plays softer than other Légère reeds and is best suited for players in live environments.

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Victor Barbieri (Corte Madera, US)
Easy blowing, great sound and convenience.

The older I get the more I appreciate the great selection of reed strengths available with the Studio cut reed. I'm presently using a 1.5 strength and find it easy to blow and play the full range with solid consistent sound.

David Alba (Salina, US)
I love this one!

I love this one it has a nice sound and it last a very long time and I just really enjoyed it and all and all it is a really good reed to use.

Lawrence Richea (Cupar, CA)
Alto Sax Studio Cut

I have been using these reeds for a few years now. I don't play the sax all night as I trade off to guitar and organ. It is great to pick up and go and not to have to worry about a reed that may have dried out from sitting. It is also great that the reed is consistent from night to night and for many nights. I don't think I will ever use a cane reed ever again.

alvis jackson (Covington, US)
Legere Studio Cut Alto Sax

I have play tested several synthetic reeds trying to find the right "sound." I have to say the Legeres are the perfect fit for what I want to do musically. Depending on the setting, I can switch reeds and not worry about the transition. I also find them to be mouthpiece sensitive which is a positive for me. So I've stopped my search for the right reed, I just need to put in the time discovering the possibilities. Thanks for a quality product. ... kj

Gary Meggs (Arkadelphia, US)

The studio cut reeds are perfect!!!!! I play I in a big band on a vintage mark 6 and NY Meyer. The studio cut Reed sounds as good as cane and responds great 100% of the time. I'm hooked.