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Bb Soprano Clarinet Signature

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A very stable and free blowing reed that gives players absolute control of their sound and style. The Légère Signature for Clarinet delivers smooth tones that players can trust will last months. This reed is recommended for intermediate and advanced players in control of their playing style, but can be enjoyed by players of all levels.

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Jim Cole
Enjoying the Reed

This was the first none cane Reed I have purchased. I was pleased with it right out of the “box”.

So much so, I decided to try a competing brand also. Verdict, now that I have a choice, the choice is this Légère Reed.

Anina Rossen
Very happy with the new reed

My son is a clarinetist and was eager to try a Legere reed. He has been using it for the last week and is really happy with the sound and ease of it.

Richard Buxbaum

Might be too soft

Légère saves me time and trouble

I been playing guitar for 35 years. Two years ago I wanted to learn an entirely different type of instrument. I decided on the Bb Clarinet because it is made of wood, relatively cheap (I have a used R13 Buffet $2000 and used $80 hard-rubber-flea-market-high-school-band-cast off that was in good shape).
I learned how to maintain and scrape reeds, but decided to try synthetic reeds. I settled on Légère Reeds based on reviews.
I am not an expert but my teacher is. He uses natural reeds, but doesn't see/hear any problems with my choice of Légère.
I am happy with how they sound and perform. But most of all, they give me more time to play music because I don't spend time on maintaining and scraping reeds.
I keep several Vandoren 5RV-lyra 88 mouthpieces loaded so that I can let my reeds rest after and hour of playing.

Doug Jackson
Legere reeds

Very prompt delivery
Quality reeds