Eb Soprano Clarinet European Cut - Légère Reeds

Eb Soprano Clarinet European Cut

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The most comfortable, stable, and articulate clarinet reed Légère produces. The European Cut for Eb Clarinet is wider than the Classic with a shorter vamp and a band of material down the spine. The reed gives the player the control needed to stand out in a solo performance or blend into the ensemble.

Customer Reviews

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Dr Thomas M Ashby
Legere European Cut Eb soprano clarinet reed

This Legere reed plays very well on a Richard Hawkins Zinner blank mouthpiece,
seemingly even better than my older reeds of the same type. I am playing it this coming week in concert at Eastman School.

KK Hansen
Worth buying

I’d been using Bb reeds and a Backun cutout barrel on my Eb clarinet to avoid reed switches but I like the European Cut 3.75 Eb reed enough to buy more. It has the heft needed to get the high notes in tune.

Emily Pecoraro
I can't believe how good this feels and sounds

I'm blown away by how effective this is. It sounds and feels like cane, and has gotten me comfortably through a few Broadway shows.

Barbara Newberry
Responsive and Supportive

So happy I decided to try the Eb Soprano Clarinet European Cut. It is very responsive and supports the notes above the staff too. I love that it responds even after being pegged - very important for Eb playing.

Rochelle Glass
Love the new Eb reeds

The new European Cut for Eb are excellent.