Tenor Saxophone Classic - Légère Reeds

Tenor Saxophone Classic

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A durable and darker reed with fewer overtones than the Signature. A thicker tip and heart produces a purer tone with fewer complexities. The Classic for Saxophone is the recommended cut for marching band performers and those blending their sound with a large ensemble.

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Ves Sladin (Sylvania, US)
Classic 2.0 Tenor My Search for Reeds is Over

I've tried various cane reeds, tried other synthetic reeds, in various strengths, and I've tried to sand cane and synthetic reeds to make them what I want. Forget about all that. I now use the 2.0 Classic and they just work. I have three right now I rotate among, and there is no discernible difference between those reeds. Even the older of the three plays like the newer ones. I also tried the 2.25 Signature, also a good reed. I can just stop monkeying with reeds and get on with playing.

Ves Sladin (Bryant, US)
Classic 2.0 Tenor, Plays like butter and better than BARI

I've played the 2.25 Signature and the 2.0 Classic for Tenor. I use a metal mouthpiece with a high baffle, approximately a 1.97 mm tip opening, small chamber, free flowing. I recently did a comparison to the BARI Elite S, BARI Eco MS, and standard BARI S, to the 2.0 Classic. The 2.0 Classic plays significantly better across the entire range of the instrument, all the notes pop and have good tone, and it plays with less effort and lip pressure. It's a no brainer. I'll be buying more 2.0 Classics.

Joseph Gregory (League City, US)
Great customer service.

Ordered wrong size reed and they are sending me the correct reed. I appreciate the professionalism and service they provided.

Brenda Lee (Montreal, CA)
Prompt service, excellent product

I was surprised at how quickly my reeds arrived. I always have a problem wetting the Reed but with these I can start and continue my practice without fuss.

Owen Humphries (Salinas, US)

good reed, good cut.