Soprano Saxophone Signature - Légère Reeds

Soprano Saxophone Signature

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A bright and stable reed colored with a full spectrum of overtones. The reed is very responsive and articulate due to its relative thinness versus the Classic. The Signature for Saxophone is the recommended cut for players in solo, classical, or jazz studio settings.

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Brian Flores (Tucson, US)
Incredible Reed

Légère Reeds are incredible! The response and tone quality make practicing so efficient! I don’t have to worry about have a “bad reed day” while practicing. My Légère reed does not provide extra stress while I am practicing! I can work on technique while being happy with my sound!

Angela Hill
Amazing All Around

I switched to this reed for my soprano saxophone and it provides such great tonal control and support when I play. I am excited to continue playing and improving with this reed!

Ilya Goldenberg (Newark, US)
Great Reed

Great Reed for Soprano Saxophone.

Gordon T. (Petawawa, CA)
Soprano Signature reed... fantastic.

Was able to use this reed right away after using Van Doren reeds on a Van Doren mouthpiece. Excellent response. Beware of the case though... protects the reed well in shipment but too hard putting it back in for everyday use.

Miles Osland (Lexington, US)
Miles Osland - Professor of Saxophone, Director of Jazz Studies, University of Kentucky

the soprano signature reeds are just what I need for a consistent, warm sound throughout the entire range.