Bb Soprano Clarinet Signature - Légère Reeds

Bb Soprano Clarinet Signature

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A very stable and free blowing reed that gives players absolute control of their sound and style. The Légère Signature for Clarinet delivers smooth tones that players can trust will last months. This reed is recommended for intermediate and advanced players in control of their playing style, but can be enjoyed by players of all levels.

Customer Reviews

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John L Gleazer (Sonoma, US)
Third reed confirms these are the way to go

No more fussing with cane reeds. I found the right strength and now I'm sold on these Legere reeds.

Bruce Rakusin (Framingham, US)
Bruce not having success with clarinet reed

Tried BFlat clarinet and wasn’t able to get decent sound after good success with Tenor sax reed.
Tried to get someone to contact me about this with NO success

Joseph Eller (Columbia, US)
Another successful concert

Just used some more new Euro cut reeds on philharmonic concert over the weekend with great results. Very happy with this change

Charles Benoit (Rochester, US)
Search over

Great, consistent tone, free blowing and responsive. Exactly what I’ve been looking for!

Ayler Ehling (Fremont, US)

I liked the reed very much. It had such a smooth tone of something I haven't been able to get on a regular reed. Only thing I am a little disappointed about was how long it lasted. Mine only lasted 2 months before it completely gave out. Could this possibly be because of how much I used it? Or perhaps I need to treat it better? Not quite sure what I should do but I am going to buy another one to see if I can make it last longer.