Bb Soprano Clarinet Classic - Légère Reeds

Bb Soprano Clarinet Classic

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A thick reed most appropriate for a traditional or classical setup. The Classic for Clarinet has a thicker tip than other Légère clarinet reeds and is designed to produce a darker sound. This reed is recommended for beginners though it is appreciated by advanced players seeking a darker sound.

Customer Reviews

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Cianna. S

Very good attack, and has a nice rich sound.

Jacob A Smith
Plays like butter

I’m a band director who’s primarily a percussionist and this makes me so comfortable modeling on Clarinet.

David Saleeba
Warning: Trumpet Player Commenting

As a trumpet guy who teaches middle school band, I am so glad I got turned on to Légère reeds by a colleague. I use them on clarinet and sax in the classroom to demonstrate for my students and they give me one less thing for me to be nervous about when picking up (very) secondary instruments.

Leslie McConnell
Legere vs cane

I love Legere reeds. I like the European cut for modern and jazz, but prefer the sound of American cut for classical and orchestral music. I appreciate that I can put the reed on and it plays the same from start to finish!

Dyna Hardy
Plastic Reed

My son was over the moon to get his reed in. He loved the case it is stored in too!