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Bass Clarinet Signature

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A very stable and free blowing reed that gives players absolute control of their sound and style. The Légère Signature for Clarinet delivers smooth tones that players can trust will last months. This reed is recommended for intermediate and advanced players in control of their playing style, but can be enjoyed by players of all levels.

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Marc Riopel
Bass Clarinet Signature reed

I get used very quickly to that Légère reed. My bass clarinet sounds very well with it. Highly recommended!

William Thompson

Bass Clarinet Signature

Matthew Crandall
Very nice

sounds much better than cane and much easier to play on

David Diamond
This Bass Clarinet reed makes a great alternative sound on Saxophone

I play a G tenor and a B-flat alto mini-sax (by Erik-the-Flutemaker and Juan Del Rio respectively).

I swap out six different reeds for different sounds.

A bass clarinet reed is the same shape and width as a tenor saxophone reed, but slightly shorter and a little thinner. It works well on either tenor or alto mini-saxophones.

The bass clarinet reed produces a mellow, smooth sound, which is a nice change from the more edgy sax reed sounds. (Different reeds for different types of music).

My collection of reeds is as follows:

- Légère Studio Cut alto 1.5
- Légère Studio Cut tenor 1.5 (my favorite)
- Légère Sigature Bass Clarinet bass 1.5 (used on saxophone)
- Rico Plasticover tenor 1.5 (natural cane sound, but feels like a 2.0. Played dry.)
- Black Onyx tenor 1.5 (A little dull sounding for my taste. But since I tried it, it is in my collection).
- Rico cane Tenor 1.5 (wet reeds, and reeds that can split or splinter, are my least favorite).

Note that tenor reeds can also be used on alto mouthpieces to get a darker, fuller sound.

My collection is all 1.5 reeds because I play a mini-sax or saxoflute, which require a light reed:
- Key of G Tenor All-Terrain Saxophone by Eric-the-Flutemaker
- Key of Bb Alto Del Rio Mini Sax by Juan Del Rio.
They both can use any of my six reeds.
I also change ligatures for different sounds.

Kerry Vesper
Bass Clarinet Signature

I use Legere signature reeds on all my reed instruments (saxophones, clarinet and bass clarinet). I was using tenor sax reeds on my bass clarinet, which works ok, but now I have the right strength bass clarinet reed. I am very pleased with the tone quality. Legere reeds are the closest to cane reeds of any synthetic reed I have tried.