Bass Saxophone Classic - Légère Reeds

Bass Saxophone Classic

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A durable and darker reed with fewer overtones than the Signature. A thicker tip and heart produces a purer tone with fewer complexities. The Classic for Saxophone is the recommended cut for marching band performers and those blending their sound with a large ensemble.

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Mark W (Bloomington, US)
Great reed for bass sax

Previously I had been using baritone sax reeds on my Thomann (Jinbao) bass saxophone with a Selmer S80 C* bass mouthpiece, and that setup worked fairly well. I recently tried a Legere 2.00 strength bass saxophone reed and the instrument now has so much more soul and resonance, and the common difficulty getting middle D to speak was greatly reduced. Wow what a difference! This Legere bass saxophone reed is the only one I will use from now on!

John G (Austin, US)
These synthetic reeds are particularly nice for bass saxophone.

Bass saxophone is a bit of a rare breed, and I'm very glad Legere makes dedicated bass reeds for these larger saxophones. I find that I'm very sensitive to reed particularities on my bass sax, and the combination of a Legere "classic" strength 3 and a classical mouthpiece (Selmer S80 bass) yields a very consistent, even tone and response throughout the entire range of the horn. The low register in particular is satisfyingly resonant and clear, distinguishing itself from a baritone saxophone sound to give a fullness to the low end of the saxophone section.

Raymond Barnes (Schnecksville, US)
Truly excellent

I am using these Legere 2.00 strength Bass saxophone reeds on my Selmer Series II Bass saxophone. I am using the Selmer S80 C* bass mouthpiece and JLV ligature. Simply amazing, consistent and better than the cane reeds that I was able to find.

Eric Lumpkin (Cary, US)
Awesome reed!

I don’t have a bass mouthpiece yet, but even using this reed on a bari mouthpiece I can feel a difference in the response on my bass sax. I think the darker cut helps it on the lower end versus the signature bari reed I have. Highly recommended!

Hailie Brickey (Cookeville, US)

This is great, i absolutely love the tone the reed gives me, and projecting is so easy!!